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About the Chapter Leader Online Community

The Chapter Leaders Online Community, which resides in APWA Connect, was created to help our chapter and branch leaders glean information from each other. It is a private online network for chapter and branch leaders only and provides a place for sharing questions, answers, and real-life experiences about chapter or branch matters.

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Helpful hints:
  • To Post a Question or Share Information: Use one of the options in the “Send an email” box in the left side of the Community’s web page. NOTE: Questions posted here should be about chapter and branch issues only. If you have questions about other areas of interest you may want to sign up on one of the other infoNOW Communities available through the APWA website.
  • To Read a message:  Messages will come into the inbox of the email you provided. Messages are also viewable on the Community’s web page; click to view the desired message.
  • To Reply to a message:  Replies can be sent by responding to the message in your email inbox or if viewing the message within the Community’s web page just click on one of the reply buttons above the open message (it is possible to reply to the whole Community or only to the sender).